If you're new to the track, someone is going to tell you to glue your tires. I mean, of course, you read the manual, and you glued the bead to the wheel, so what could they be talking about? Traction on black carpet is hilarious. It's more than you can imagine. Tire sidewalls roll over, and you start running the car on the sidewall. Step one is to run on the sidewall, step two is doing a barrel roll out of hairpin because your car traction rolled. When someone says "glue your tires" or asks "did you glue your tires?" they're talking about applying glue to the sidewalls of your tires. Gluing your sidewalls provides a few things. First, glue is pretty rigid, providing a stiffer sidewall. It also doesn't produce traction with the carpet. This means when side loads on your car get high, the car will slide, instead of roll over. Gluing your tires isn't hard. I do mine with a spray of CA Kicker and a 20oz pop bottle cut in half. The bottle isn't even necessary, it just makes the sidewall look cleaner when you're done. Text doesn't convey how to do this well... when you're at GLRC, ask somebody, they'll be glad to show you. Or look it up on youtube.