Great Lakes RC Racing


The Basics

What do we race?

We are an on-road racing club.  (For now..)  So we run on-road radio control race cars.  These cars are generally like the sort of thing you drive every day, or you see racing on TV.  Except smaller.  Cars are generally seperated into classes.  There are two major categories of cars we run.  You'll want to click this link if you want full details on everything: Class history, and rules. There are some fun stories behind the different kinds of cars we race.  

If you want the cliffs notes, here's just race classes:  Class Rules

Where do we race?

Strictly speaking, we'll run on anything clean and flat.  But here's a list of where we have run races.  

Glossery - FAQ

This is an old hobby.  There's a lot of assumed knowlege and vocabulary that is likely to trip you up.  The following are a few links to help with that.